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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Snake Garden at Thomastown West Primary School

We are a disadvantaged school with a high multicultural community.  We had major building works happen in 2011 but no money for landscaping. We received a grant for a multicultural/edible garden.
Quentin was inspirational to our community from the very start.  He matched ideas with our vision in the context of our community.  Quentin was very resourceful and worked with many members of staff to create an inspiring garden.  Quentin then bought in a team to assist him in the ground work.  I was particularly impressed with how Quentin ensured that all members of the gardening team met the requirements for people working on a school site with children.   During the whole process, Quentin communicated with me and the main stakeholders about what he was doing and why. When the project had been completed, Quentin gave good advice as to continuing care and maintenance of the garden project. My whole staff were impressed with his results and we hope to have Quentin back again to continue  a landscaping plan.
Leon Bell
School Principal Thomastown West Primary School